Jami brings experience in teaching, electronic pedagogy, and publishing to Merrill-Hall. A product of Duke University's English department and the Ph.D. program at Wisconsin, she served as a Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow in Georgia Tech's School of Literature, Communication, and Culture-part of an innovative program that incorporated cultural studies and electronic pedagogy into Tech's freshman composition courses. Previously, she taught Victorian literature, Romantic poetry, and composition for several years at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Jami has also worked with publishers: she was book review editor, then managing editor, for American Literary History, a scholarly journal published by Oxford University Press. She also worked for several years as an editor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Oral History Project.

At Merrill-Hall, Jami focuses on managing relations with cultural institutions, education-based organizations, and publishers. Her efforts help ensure that we continue to offer high-quality solutions that adequately address the particular needs of groups that wish to use technology to make historical and cultural information more widely accessible.


Jami Moss