As a computer programmer and applications developer, Andrew has been building Internet and stand-alone applications since 1997. Prior to joining Merrill-Hall New Media, he served as a Research Engineer at the Georgia Tech Research Institute and as an Applications Developer in the Distributed Simulation Systems group. Under DARPA funding, he lead the development efforts in building an online tool for collecting and distributing modeling and simulation information towards pre-defined user groups. He also helped develop and maintain a suite of software tools used to manage and test for simulation compliance to the Department of Defense's High-Level Architecture 1.3 Specifications.

Since coming to Merrill-Hall, Andrew has provided leadership on a number of projects. He was the lead programmer on the Yamacraw jobs database, a central part of Georgia's Broadband Initiative. He has also worked on the Hardin extranet, designing applications and developing code to access the company's Oracle database.

Andrew has a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering and an M.S. in Operations Research from the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Andrew Old