Complete Web Site Redesign

The heart of a law firm is its attorneys, their knowledge, and their experience. But with over 80 attorneys distributed in 4 offices, Kritzer and Levick faced a challenge as it tried to make that information available to clients on its Web site. The firm came to Merrill-Hall wanting not only a new, professional look, but also a way to show their client base the expertise they could bring to any legal issue. Just as crucially, the site needed to reflect the rapidly changing experience and knowledge of their attorneys—which required that the firm be able to make updates without calling in a Web designer every time.

The dynamically-driven Web site designed by Merrill-Hall now allows clients to find attorneys by office, by practice area, and by law school. Merrill-Hall also built a content management tool which allows the firm to update their content as new information becomes available. As a result, Kritzer and Levick now has a fully searchable site that can evolve as the firm continues to grow.