Redesign of Work-Flow Process

As the most popular Internet site in the world for children—and one of the most popular web sites of all—Cartoon Network Online reflects the full variety of its television parent's 24-hour-a-day content as well as its own unique offerings. Featuring an abundance of content, always in flux, the site requires dedicated attention to how existing content is revised and new content is deployed and arranged. Without this care, Cartoon Network Online could quickly prove too unwieldy to manage and too difficult to navigate—thereby losing its target audience.

Recognizing the lack of such a coordinating force in-house, Cartoon Network Online asked Merrill-Hall to help them find a way to incorporate an Information Architect into their existing work-flow process. The Information Architect would develop, describe, and document the interaction design of the Web site. After studying Cartoon Network Online's work-flow process, Merrill-Hall found points where the company could insert an Information Architect for maximum effect with minimum disruption. To help implement this solution, Merrill-Hall developed a job description, diagrammed a work-flow process, and retrained one of Cartoon Network Online's employees as an Information Architect—thus providing the company with a framework for asserting organized control over its Web site.