Online Identity and Information Design

The New Georgia Encyclopedia (NGE) presents a formidable challenge: to encompass the entire history, geography, and culture of the state. In doing so, NGE wanted to draw upon the unique opportunities of multimedia and the Web while still maintaining the authority and completeness of the traditional encyclopedia.

NGE called upon Merrill-Hall to plan the site and create a "look and feel." Merrill-Hall started by helping NGE to identify the multitude of intended audiences: in-state, out-of-state; young and old; casual and educationally minded. Merrill-Hall designed the site to simultaneously serve each of these constituencies in the best manner possible. The site's graphical interface was designed to be both welcoming and authoritative; fun enough to attract web surfers, and yet serious enough to carry the heavy weight of its mission to the state and her people.

A test site is slated to go live in the spring of 2002. Merrill-Hall will employ a robust, XML-based database that will not only provide for the most complete and thorough access today, but will also protect the site for many years as a legacy for the state of Georgia.


Coming 2003