XML for Multispeak Compliance

PDA is just one of many software vendors serving electric power cooperatives. In the past, getting its software to talk to the others was a long and painful process; a different translator had to be written for every new package that came along. To reduce the expense of developing such individualized solutions, the National Rural Electric Cooperative, along with 40 software vendors, created the Multispeak Initiative, a new industry specification that allows developers to write interfaces that allow communication between other compliant products.

PDA wanted to be the first software vendor to make its systems 100% Multispeak-compliant—so they called on Merrill-Hall's expertise in XML to do the job. Working with the Origins Global Information System (GIS) package that PDA used, Merrill-Hall developed an interface in VB-based COM that imports and exports Multispeak XML. As a result, PDA leads the industry in implementing new specifications for software integration.