Web Design Prototype

A division of Pearson Education, Pearson Learning Group (PLG) specializes in developing supplementary educational materials for the K-12 market. For one such project-a companion Web site for the Globe Fearon American History textbook-PLG needed to match the look and feel of the print volume but still maintain consistency with Pearson's other companion Web sites. To complicate matters, PLG was also looking for a navigational structure and general design strategy that would work for subsequent Web sites.

Merrill-Hall created the design prototypes and information architecture for the site. We produced a high-level assessment of the complex navigational strategies that the site would have to accommodate and identified the areas of the site where database accessibility would be required. To ensure that users could find what they needed given the wide array of options, we also devised a series of documents that carefully laid out the site's navigational logic and described how content would be accessed at different points. The result was a prototype design that encompassed both the textbook's educational purpose and the company's marketing requirements.